Hundreds of Goldfinches

We’ve been noticing an increasingly large charm of goldfinches on the farm just recently (along with a resident kestrel), estimated in the region of 400 birds, it’s so fantastic to see them feasting on the chicory seeds and taking great benefit from our tall grass grazing. Press play to watch a very short video below and take a look for yourself -and turn the sound on!

Farm Walk at Sandy Hill Saturday 8th June 2019

The Sandy Hill Mob Farm Walk

We hosted a farm walk at Sandy Hill on Saturday 8th June, when nearly 40 people joined us on a blustery but sunny afternoon for a tour of the farm followed by tea and cake at the Bowsen.

We talked as we walked about what we are hoping to achieve at Sandy Hill through our farming – how the regenerative approach we are taking will benefit nature, the soil, the health of our cattle – and the health of you, our customers!

The walk concluded with a chance to meet the mob and a chance to chat further about what we are doing at Sandy Hill.

We were also joined on the walk by John Meadley, President of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association and Abdul Kamara founder of The Dorothy Peace Centre in Sierra Leone. 

The PFLA have been instrumental in our farming journey so far, introducing us to many inspirational farmers and thinkers, we are now PFLA certified producers and John has very kindly given us his restored Ferguson TE20 to use at Sandy Hill.

John and Abdul took the opportunity to talk about how they are raising funds and awareness for the excellent work of The Dorothy Peace Centre in Sierra Leone, something we whole-heartedly support and hope you will too.  Please take the time to read the attached article from Abdul explaining in more detail the work that he has been doing.