The mob


The Sandy Hill Mob are a herd of pedigree Hereford cattle which we are using to not only produce the finest quality 100% grass fed beef, but also to improve diversity in our soil and swards.

We are using a technique called ‘mob grazing’, which means we are setting up paddocks using electric fencing and moving the cattle through these paddocks quickly attempting to mimic the natural grazing pattern of a herd of wild herbivores. The mob usually stay between 1 and 3 days in each paddock.

The intense trampling action of the mob on the grasses (and through the addition of their dung!) will be adding organic matter to our pastures - this will help us to build our soils and capture carbon.

Because the paddocks get rested for long periods (cattle are potentially only on 3% of land at any one time), wildflowers have time to grow and insect life can flourish which directly supports more birds, reptiles and mammals.

Mob Grazing in action.

Mob Grazing in action.